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"Today's realities are yesterday's decisions. Tomorrow's realities will be today's decisions."
    • Meet Our President

Taurus's President, Mr. Manoj Palwe, is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID-R422575) and Australian migration department has given him offshore agent id (3000526). He has also passed the Migration Institute of Australia's examination about migration law.

Mr. Manoj Palwe is a registered member of "Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants" (CAPIC). His registration no. is R11592.

The company is very careful about the documentation which is handled by a dedicated team and every case is properly scrutinized before submission. From the very beginning, the company advises on all important parameters and always makes sure that clients are doing it properly. Taurus is implementing a unique three level inspection to avoid any error.

The company is very careful about taking clients because only those who are having all the right qualifications and experience will be succeeding. Taurus has its own IELTS training institute with highly qualified coaches. Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of the consultancy.

    • We Care About Our Clients

Our immigration experts have made personal visits to most of the immigration destinations that we cover, as part of our services. They have extensively studied the destinations for their application and immigration regulations. We are duly devoted to exploring virginal and less explored global regions for our clients, to give them an edge over other sand fruitfully beat the competition!

It is no secret, that over the years, competition for gaining applications for the many of the supposed famed immigration hot spots such as the US, Canada, Australia and the UK has increased to such an extent, that at the moment it has become very hard, to obtain a visa, using one’s chosen visa stream.

    • The Decision

Without a doubt, migration to a completely new country, is a significant decision and a landmark development in one’s life. You could be planning to move overseas for the following reasons:

  1. Earn better money
  2. Better lifestyle
  3. Secure future for your children

This process can have sweeping consequences and impact you and your family significantly! Given the importance of the decision to migrate, you would surely not want to leave anything in the hands of the uncertain fate and would prefer to ensure that your immigration process is with the experts who are experienced, caring and accurate.

    • Our Commitment

To ensure that you visa and immigration process remains trouble-free and increase the chances of you gaining a visa for your preferred visa category, you would certainly prefer the services of visa professionals, who have the relevant domain experience and also the necessary expertise to guide and assist you in every possible way. Without a doubt, you would not like your immigration case to be (mis) handled by a rookie, who, in fact, may have no business to remain in the business of proffering immigration and visa consultancy services and probable only wish to fleece gullible clients.

We ensure:

  1. Qualified, first-rate assistance and supervision from the ‘real’ application and immigration veterans; professionals who really know what they are doing and who specialize in the specific immigration hot spot(s).
  2. Experienced professional services proffered by trusted and respected immigration advisers. You know that when migrating, everything is at stake – not only your own hard earned money and precious time but in effect your life’s aspirations. You require the assistance and counsel proffered by proven visa bureaus, such as Taurus Infotek.

Anirudha Bhide

AnirudhBhideAnirudha Bhide

-IT Software

“I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for getting my
Australian PR visa in such a short time.

I have received my Visa within 6 Months since I started the process, in
true sense actual time taken was only 5 months, the additional 1
month was due to delay in submission of documents from my side.
I have had a very good experience working with Mr. Manoj Palwe &
team and would like to recommend anyone who is planning to
migrate to Australia to seek his advice.”