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    • Experience and Thought Leadership

Established in the year 2000, Taurus is renowned as a pioneer in the domain of Immigration and Visa consultancy all across the world. Mr. Manoj Palwe, President of TAURUS is one of the most respected and knowledgeable consultant in the immigration business. His reputation is unparalleled and all consider him a guide and a man of wisdom – be it industry stakeholders or clients!

Taurus extends its proven immigration services beyond the everyday immigration hotspots such as the UK, Australia and Canada, etc. covering the future and fresh destinations with amazing possibilities. A few of the destinations are: Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia.

    • Proven Business and Investor Services

Taurus offers excellent consultancy services for worldwide immigration choices for ambitious and skilled experts, self-employed, businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs. Taurus possesses the required knowledge and provides superb services for the various immigration schemes to businessmen and investors. This includes the Immigrant Investor Program to Canada; Provincial and State Immigration Programs for Canada and Australia, Temporary Residence Visa for Lithuania, Hong Kong Capital Entrant Scheme Singapore Entrepreneur pass (Entrepass), Hungarian permanent residency for investors, Lithuanian temporary resident application and Latvian TRP through investment in property, etc.

Unlike most of the so-called visa and immigration consultancies, Taurus is not just a ‘documentation specialist’ visa bureau. It actually provides services of authorized representatives.

    • Training and Assessments

A remarkable number of the Taurus immigration consultants are systematically trained, well experienced and armed with several years of applicable experience. They will watchfully evaluate your personal and family profile, before they advise the international option that would be the most perfect for you and your family-members.

    • Case Specific Guidance

With country-specific documentation specialists, our clients get superior country and case-specific guidance. Each professional, working under the umbrella of Taurus knows what and how he / she has to advise and help the candidates using their background of several years of experience in handling the immigration and visa cases involving their country of specialty.

    • Value Addition

Taurus offers optional services of knowledgeable and trained international associates as per as the particular legislative requirements of the concerned country and in the process, does outstanding value addition to the client visa-submissions, follow-up-and wherever the need arises-appeals to the different concerned immigration bodies and authorities; For example, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIAC) for Australia.    

    • Reasonable Pricing

Finally, the visa and consulting charges by Taurus immigration are extremely rational and quite reasonably priced, in comparison with others. In addition, our complete transparency policy denotes that you gain the best achievable deal with no hidden expenses!

Anirudha Bhide

AnirudhBhideAnirudha Bhide

-IT Software

“I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for getting my
Australian PR visa in such a short time.

I have received my Visa within 6 Months since I started the process, in
true sense actual time taken was only 5 months, the additional 1
month was due to delay in submission of documents from my side.
I have had a very good experience working with Mr. Manoj Palwe &
team and would like to recommend anyone who is planning to
migrate to Australia to seek his advice.”