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Fee Structure

Taurus Infotek is an immigration consultancy floated by successful professionals from different field of life. is the website for Australia Immigration. Our main website is We have high integrity Legal Advisers to give the correct advise on immigration law. We also have qualified Chartered Accountants to evaluate the financial implications of the immigration process. We also have more than five years experience in Information Technology and have detail knowledge of Australia and its job market. We are always there to help you and guide you for a successful Immigration to Australia. We are having tie-up with an esteemed Australian company for all the follow up of immigration process. We assure you that you will be getting highest quality professional service from Taurus Infotek before and after your successful immigration to Australia. Please feel free to fill our online evaluation form for the immigration to Australia. We wish you all the best for your chosen dreamland.


Australia Immigration Consultancy Charges from 1st July 2015

Sr. No Fee Structure
Fees in INR
1 Visa processing Govt. fees*** Single Person=2,00,000/ Single Person=AUD 3600/- (Rs. 2,00,000/-)
Spouse=AUD 1800/- (Rs. 1,00,000/-)
One Child=AUD 900/- (Rs. 50,000/-)
2 Skill Assessment ** 30,000/  
3 IELTS Exam (English) 10,600/  
4 State Sponsorship 30,000/-  
5 IELTS Exam Coaching * 6,000/ PP (Optional)
6 Medical Examination



7 Police Clearance Certificate 1000/ PP (Above 16 yrs age)
8 Our Counceling charges(in 4 installments)+(Plus 14% S.T.) 60,000/ + (S.T.) * Rs. 20,000/- (If married)
9 Total Rs. 3,41,100/- +(S.T.)  

* If Applicable
** As per the appropriate currency conversion and assessing authority
*** As per the appropriate currency converion
S.T. - Service Tax (14%)


Fees prevailing at the time of filling the application are applicable
• The medical exam fee may vary on case-to-case basis depending on tests to be carried out.
• Courier and notary charges extra. Approx. Rs 3,000/-


Point System
Criteria Score Remarks
English Language    

Taurus Infotek

Australia Immigration Consultancy Charges from 1st July 2015


Fees Flow Chart
What Happens
Stage 1
Registration Fee Rs. 25,000/- + *Rs. 20,000 (for Spouse) + *Rs. 6000/- (IELTS Coaching)

• Counseling for the process.
• Collection of documents.
• Correction of paper work.
• IELTS Coaching.
• Preparation of documents for assessment.
• Preparation of papers for PCC

    After around1 month 1 Month    
Stage 2

**Assessment fee (Rs.30,000/-) + Rs. 15,000/- [IInd Installment]+ Rs. 10,600/- IELTS Exam Fee
• Submission of documents for assessment.
• Collection of paper work for Visa Processing.
• Documentation preparation for visa preparation.
• Liaisoning with assessment agencies.
After around 22 months Months    
Stage 3 & Stage 4

Application for Expression Of
Interest (EOI)
& Application of State Sponsorship if needed ++ (Up To Rs. 30,000/-)
• In EOI, we need to enter our information in to skill select database and after verification we get invitation to apply for visa.
• Preparing documents for State sponsorship
• Applying for State Sponsorship
• Answering queries of Authorities
• Evaluating documents for visa application.

After around 2 Months

Stage 5

** Visa Processing Fee
(Rs. 2,00,000/-) +
Rs. 15,000/- [IIIrd Installment] + (S.T)

• Submission of documents for visa processing.
• Liaisoning with visa officer.
• Follow up of case.


After around 1 Month***


Stage 6

Visa Grant Letter +
Rs. 5,000/- [Last Installment] + (S.T.)

• Preparation for shifting.
• Approaching Potential Employers.
• Winding up of operations


* If applicable
** As per the appropriate currency conversion
*** As per Australian Govt Processing Rules

Post Landing Services (Optional)

Charges for these
services are between Rs
12,000/- to Rs 15,000/-.
• Pick up from airport
• Registration for various statuary requirements
• Assistance in finding a home and amenities
• Assistance for job search

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