Master. Neel Chandrakant Utture.

Child Visa

Neels Grandfather !
I received visa of my grandson Neel who is going to Australia with his mother. It was to be done in schedule period, our worry to get it in time by a month was over.

Thanks to Shri Palwe.

Deepti Ganu


Coming Soon....

Mrs. Rakhee Rathi & Family

Industrial Pharmacist

It was really great to get a Visa to Australia and it was only possible through Taurus Infotek. Mr. Manoj Palwe was really great help, in guiding and processing documents. The IELTS tuition conducted here were also of great standards and my wife got 8 bands in Academic Module. Mr. Palwe was also considerate about money problems. He used to be flexible with his fees. It's really great to have people on earth who are so helpful and of great Help.

Once again thanks to Mr. Palwe.

Mr. Kalidindi Shrinivas

UK Working Holiday Visa

Mr. Manoj is a very Professional person and I trusted him for applying the working Holiday Maker Visa for UK.I got my Visa in just 2 days after filling my application.
I am really thankful for all his services.

Mr. Gaurav Rachwani

UK Working Holiday Visa

Mr. Manoj Palwe lived up to his promise of getting me my UK work permit within one month. His paperwork was so immaculate that I didn't even have to give an interview in the Uk embassy. Even though I was in Mumbai and he was located in Pune, still the distance never was a barrier and he kept me well informed about all the things that were required to be done. I am so pleased with his work that I am doing my Australia immigration also through him.

Thank you very much.

Ms. Preeti Parekh

Training Officer

Thank you Sir !

Really, looking forward to a wonderful experience.The wait was worth its while.
Your guidance and patience has helped me.

Thanks a lot!

Ms. Ashwini Bhide

Child Care Co-Cordinator

It was my dream to migrate to Australia which became the reality just because of Mr. Palwe. I am very happy to reach my destiny.
Mr. Palwe is a very kind & co-operative gentleman without whom it was not possible to reach my goal.

Thanks to Mr. Palwe & his team members.

Mrs. Anushka Bhonsle & Family

Child Care Co-ordinator

Everybody knows that the process of Immigration is very complicated process, so it was same with us, as we were not from Pune. There were few problems some or the other times, but because of Palwe Sir's ( Taurus Infotek ) methodical, systematic, resourceful, techniques & guidance in Immigration business timely supported us and helped us to go through the whole journey of migration process .
I would definitely recommend Taurus Infotek to my friends & Relatives.
Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the whole Team of Taurus Infotek. We both wish a Team Taurus a Grand success in future.

Mrs. Aparna Apte & Family

Child Care Coordinator

I really can't believe that I have got a PR for Australia. That was a "Dream come True" for me as my case was complicated. Your effort and sincere efforts have helped me to reach to this point. I really felt on the top of the world after achieving the visa.

Thanks a million for your co-operation and support.

Dr. Sunita Salve

Australia Visit Visa

It gives me immense pleasure to thank you for guiding me and helping me to give my visit visa to Australia.
The very short span of time and extremely easy way to achieving it was possible because of you. Thanks very much for your very warm approach & your co-operation.

Mr. Shivanand Balasaheb Lohgaonkar

UK Working Holiday Visa

Thank you very much Mr. Palwe. I am very satisfied & happy because of your personal guidance & helping nature to obtain visa to UK very quickly. I was never expecting visa such a fast but because of you this has happened. Sir, I am also thankful to you because of listening my queries & solving them within time. Your personal touch gives confidence to me. I will be always in your touch & suggest my friends about Taurus Infotek Also thanks to all in Taurus Infotek for their helping & supporting nature.

Thank you once again

Mrs. Savita Patel

Canada Temporary Resident Visa

After first Visa rejection we were quite depressed. I came to know about Taurus Infotek through net & I contacted Mr. Manoj Palwe. His assurance & words were boost giving and we applied for new visa.
I am personally thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team for his guidance & efforts.
I do recommend his services to others as he is not only your advisor but a good friend too.

Good Luck to Taurus Infotek

Mr. Manoj Varpe


At present, I am in a state of ecstasy and I cannot explain my mental state. Finally my dream to go abroad for which I was trying for last five to six years has come true. Initially I did not believe that Mr Manoj Palwe will able to do what he is saying. But today I am very thankful to Mr Manoj Palwe for providing proper guidance.
I am very thankful to Mr Manoj Palwe and all Taurus Infotek staff.

Mr. B. R.Berad

U.K. Student Visa

Today, I am very happy, because I got my visa. I am going to U.K. & my dream is coming in reality.
My parents are also happy because of visa clearance. I kindly thank Mr. Palwe Sir, because he helped me. He is a good person & also a good guide. Mr. Palwe helped me a lot to get my aim. I heartily thank Mr. Palwe & his staff of Taurus Infotek.

Mrs. Nayana Ghodke & Family

Internal Auditor

First of all I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Palwe for providing such a good platform for the people who wish to immigrate. You just have to step in & they take care of everything.
And about the teaching method. There is depth in study of various teaching methods. There are many study materials in the class. Meghana ma'am & Archana ma'am are always there , even for any minute problem. Tips given by them are useful for future life. Both of them are really concerned about improving the skills. Now I have a different perspective towards everything .

I wish all of them [ Taurus family ] Good luck for the future. Thanks keep smiling.

Mrs. Pramila Khambatta & Family

Social Worker

One of the most professional agencies one can find, we are extremely happy that we approached Mr. Manoj Palwe. We just could not have been in better hands.
We have been though an agent earlier. All he did was collected amounts, Nothing else. Mr. Palwe was, in total control, normally with us, but ahead of us in matters. We do wish him all the best and success in all future matters that he handles.

Mr. Kartik Shivraman

Hotel Manager

Mr. Manoj Palwe is delightfully initiate but also a professional. He is a great inspiration to a confused person and a diligent guide to a person who thinks that he has lost his way. Efficient & has respect for his own time and the time of a person who seeks his advice.
We will be ever grateful to his timely guidance and his impeccable Accuracy of information he delivers.

You can trust him next to God.

Mr. Yogendra Patil

Agricultural Adviser

"Dream Come True" is a very general term to say, but to achieve, it needs right guidance, proper support, Motivation and time management. Mr. Manoj Palwe give me all these things and just because of him now I am proudly saying my dream becomes reality.
The one year process, really it was exhaustive and complicated but I never felt its toughness on my part. As I am a management student, but I learned most of the managerial skills, practicality of life from him at a right stage of my life. For me he is the "GURU".
I am really thankful to "Taurus Infotek", Mr. Palwe & his subordinates for a grant support.

My well wishes are always with you all.

Mrs. Ruveena Ghoderao

Child Visa

Comming Soon....

Ms. Urmila Datar


I am very much thankful to Shri Manoj Palwe, for getting immigration visa for my daughter Miss Urmila . I have found that he has through knowledge of immigration regulations and has been giving correct guidance and advice.

Mr. Narenderjit Singh Daurka & Family

Sales Representative

First of all I would like to Thank Mr. Palwe & his team for successfully granting me visa for Australia. From the day I started meeting with Mr. Palwe he was very co-operative & helpful to me for achieve my goal. I was fulfill for CANADA but Mr.Palwe study my case & possible it for Australia. Before meeting him I meet few other consultant but they first used to talk about their fees.
As I started submitting my documents & found it is hard for IELTS but Mr. Palwe help me to clear this. During my coaching Mrs. Palwe helped me a lot for my reading module.
Mr. Palwe work in very professional way & maintain a good track of every thing.
Thanks to Mr. Palwe for fulfilling my dream of Immigration.

Narederjit Singh Daurka.

Raghunandan Mulye


My efforts to immigrate to Australia were on for quiet sometime. For this I visited some consultants in Mumbai. Majority of them discouraged me, by telling that I may not be eligible to apply and secure "Skilled Independent-Subclass 136 Visa" (The best category of immigrant visa). This dismayed me a lot. However, when I came in contact with Mr. Palwe, of Taurus Infotek, my search for the Best Immigration Consultant came to an end. He not only showed me a ray of hope but also helped me to secure the above-mentioned visa in short time (8 months). This period could have been even shorter by 2-3 months, had there not been personal problems at my end.
To be honest, the level of confidence with which he replied to me that he can handle my case, boosted my confidence level. Throughout the process, I found, Mr. Palwe,
" Unlike others (who I visited before, approaching Mr. Palwe who were just interested in fees that they would have drawn from me.) , has been more interested in helping me to get the best visa." Very helpful
" Motivated me when due to anxiety my motivation level used to go down.
" A person of integrity and action, not just words.
" To help people to immigrate is his business and he knows it perfectly . He is serious about success for his every client.
From my experience, it would not be an exaggeration if I say that, he is like an angel to me, who helped me to realize my dream to migrate to my dream destination.

Mrs.Farah Mukarram Sukhla & Family

Child Care Co-ordinator

It's a dream come true that's what me and my husband say. Palwe Sir was the best & the right choice to guide me for my immigration to Australia. His targeted approach, sensible advice and flexibility helped all of us pass through. His support and encouragement removed all our fears, and we gained confidence to get OUR VISA. 'Hat's off' to the Taurus Infotek leader Palwe Sir and his team.
We once again thank him very much for all the support he has given us.
We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Good luck and God Bless You!!!
Best Regards, Sukhla Family

Ms. Maitrayiee Palwe

UK Working Holiday Visa

I am thrilled to get my U.K. Working Holiday Visa in 3 days time. I never thought, that it will be possible so early. Thanks to Taurus Infotek. I will always refer to their name to all my friends who want to apply for Visa. Thanks once again.

Dr. Surekha V. Ambarwadikar

UK Working Holiday Visa

Actually I was worried weather I'll be getting this working holiday visa,as I was approaching my 29th birthday. But Mr. Palwe encouraged me to apply & helped me to prepare all the documentation. I got my visa within 3 days of applying for it.
It's simply great ! I'm really happy & once again thanking Mr. Palwe & his able team.

Ms. kanupriya Mathur & Mr. Rahul Bhat

Hotel or Motel Manager (Degree Level)

Thank you so much for all the guidance and assistance in getting the Australian residency. The procedures were handled really well and were completed well before expected. We would be more than happy to recommend Mr. Palwe and his team to anyone who is interested in obtaining an Australian Residency.

Dr. Nilesh Jagtap & Family

Doctor (Canada Work Permit Visa)

It's really very difficult job to get work permit visa and visitor's visa to Canada. But I 1st got my visitor visa & now work permit visa just because of Mr. Manoj Palwe.
I think without his help it was impossible job. His approach towards my case, proper case study, proper covering letter & other document collection was excellent. I am really thankful. And would advice anyone to go blindly to Mr. Manoj Palwe for their work.

Mr. Amarpal Duggal & Family

Industrial Pharmacist

Prior to applying for immigration I had gone to a few people regarding the immigration process, a Doctor friend of mine suggested me to meet Palwe Sir & after meeting Palwe Sir I was quite convinced that if I file my papers through Palwe Sir I would be through & the same happened. I am quite satisfied regarding the whole process & the timely guidance & support from Palwe Sir.

Thank You Sir

Mr. Birendra Bhandari & Family

Sales & Marketing Manager

I started interacting with Mr. Palwe some 5 to 6 months ago, he guided me and helped me to make up my mind for Australia. About Mr. Palwe what I found interesting is that he gives right advice and speaks to the point and never misguides from any angle. His knowledge about immigrations is up to the mark and he updates his knowledge on daily basis, which is important. He has very good documentation and goes through the documents in detail & advice us when required. Mr. Palwe’s approach is always positive. I have learned many things from Mr. Palwe apart from immigration. I am sure that he will guide me whenever I require his advice.

Mr. Jayesh Ashok Gorey & Family

Sales Representative (Medical & Pharmaceutical )

We want to express our immense gratitude towards Mr. Manoj Palwe. We would like to share our experience before we express our feeling of happiness and security. We attempted APEC exam but unfortunately could not clear it. We were left with a dead end or a straight U-turn towards our sickly routine in Pune. It was Mr Palwe who gave us a ray of hope, by advising us to apply for regional visas and what a miracle! We got smoothly through each and every step. Bottom line, we have reached to a conclusion Immigration is not a piece of cake for a layman. However it can become a cakewalk, with presence of and under the guidance of eminent consultants. And we know only one such person… Mr. Manoj Palwe

Dr. Anand Choudhary


I would like to take this opportunity to wish my high Thanks to Mr. Palwe for helping me out in getting my Visitor Visa for Canada. He is a very knowledgable person and I appreciate his experience in this field. I found his team also very much co-ordinating.

I wish the very Best to Mr. Palwe and his team.

Mrs. Indhulekhaa Padmanabhan

UK Working Holiday Visa

The service of "Taurus Infotek" is excellent. They are genius and sincere. It was my dream to visit U.K. (With UK working Holiday Visa). It has become true because of Taurus Infotek. The procedure of processing is systematic and they are charging minimum fees compared to other agents.

Ms. Shilpa Gaikwad

Retail Pharmacist (Student)

My Sincere thanks to Taurus Infotek and Mr. Manoj Palwe for giving me very useful guidance in obtaining admission to university of Queensland Australia and Processing my Visa Speedily.

Ms. Arati Dhareshwar

UK Working Holiday Visa

I was able to get the "Working Holiday Visa - Uk" all because of Mr. Palwe. Inspite of having a vast international Travel History & work experience, I was very sceptical about applying for the Visa. Mr. Palwe encouraged me to apply for it as he kept on saying my case was strong & I shall get my visa in no time & That's what happened. I got my visa in a day's time. Thank you is a very small word for the confidence that Mr. Palwe has inducted in me. I shall be thankful to him.

Mr. Nilesh Bora & Family


Immigration to Australia was my dream but it was also a very crucial decision of my life. I was in a search of a Good Consultant & my friends referred Mr. Palwe. I found him strict, disciplined & a man of few words. He speaks little & works more. But when he came to know that I am from Nagar, his native place he was very frank & helpful to me. Every time he assured that I would surely get the visa which built my confidence and emotional strength. He supported me throughout.
I wish that we continue with the same good relationship not only professional but also the relationship between his & my family.
I wish him a bright & successful future.

Thank you very much Sir!

Mrs. Mayuri Mehta

New Zealand Visit Visa

The service was good and satisfactory. I got the visa to New Zealand within a very short period of time.

Thank you Mr. Palwe!

Ms. Yogita J. Vide

UK Working Holiday Visa

I can keep saying " Thank You " over and over again but instead I will first thank Sir once and present a list of things he did for me and leave it for you to decide how grateful I should be.
He built my confidence and focus towards processing my visa. He was very feasible with the payment of his fees. He provided all the support required to prepare for my visa interview. I would also like to thank Palwe madam and Maitrayiee Palwe for the same.
I was not doing anything productive when I met him so he gave me a job, again being flexible to my personal requirements & special thanks to madam for training me, I would also like to thank, all my colleagues at Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Sandeep Shetty


Immigrating Aspirants,

It was a good turn by my friend by which I got to know Mr. Manoj Palwe's address and organisation.
Mr. Manoj Palwe is a very systematic person & does not leave to chance anything. He advised me all the documents that would be required for my HSMP Visa application and also followed up periodically reminding me about the pending items. He also guided me to get the appropriate documents and provide me relevant formats for specific document so that the document contains all required information & presented in proper way.

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team for their efforts.

Mr. Arvind G. Joshi & Family

US Visit Visa

I got my US Visit Visa and all credit goes to Mr. Manoj Palwe. Because of his co-operation & proper guidance I got this visa in no time.

I am very grateful to him.

Mrs. Deepa Omkar Wakankar & Family

Personnel Officer

It's a dream come true for me. I thank Mr.Palwe of Taurus Infotek & his team for their great support and sincere efforts. Mr. Palwe is very professional and guided us very well in our visa process. I wish him all the best and once again thank him.

Mrs. Ann Susan Biju Moolekudy & Family

Medical Scientist

we are very pleased with the quality of service you have provided to us during our visa processing. We especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided with us.
We sincerely thank your responsiveness. You always seem to make something positive out of negative events. We strongly recommend Taurus Infotek to other migrant aspirants from our experience with your dependable service.
Once again thank you for your excellent service.

Best Regards
Ann Susan Biju & Biju Joseph

Mr. Ravindra Nerlikar & Family


" It was nice working with Mr.Manoj Palwe and his staff on this mission. The entire unit of Taurus Infotek is very professional, consice and objective. They are experts in their subject and are regularly updated with the latest ammendments. Thanks to Manoj Palwe and his team and wishing them all the great success in the days to come"

Mr. Rajendra Parge & Family

Education Officer

Before meeting Mr. Palwe, I never had a dream to visit foreign country. Sir Inspired me & gave me a proper guidance, because of him I got my visa for Australia.
Me & My Family is very thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Rajendra Parge.

Mr. Atul Godase

Life Scientist

It was my dream to work in Australia. I really appreciate Mr. Palwe , without him it was impossible to make this dream come true.
I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe of Taurus Infotek & his team for their kind support and guidance through the procedure.
I wish all the best for their future!

Thanks a lot for everything !

Mr. Vijay Deoskar & Family

Australia Visitor Visa

We got our visa in less time so we are very happy. Mr. Palwe supported us a lot. Mr. Palwe is very helping person.

Thank you vey much Sir !
Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Asha Deoskar

Mrs. Suvarna Konde

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe who supported me a lot. Because of his guidance I got my Australia Visitor Visa very early.

Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe of Taurus Infotek & his Team.
Mrs. Suvarna Konde

Mr. Dhanesh Nair


Respected Palwe Sir,
The dream of getting visa came true. It is because of your persistence, constant guidance and sincere support. It is truly a privilege to know you.

Thanks for everything.
Dhanesh Nair

Mrs. Payal Parag Paranjape & Family

Internal Auditor

I am very pleased with the outcome of our Visa Application, specially with keen interest shown by Taurus Infotek in our Visa Application Process.

Mrs. Hansa Mehta

UK Visit Visa

My dream has come true to send my mother to U.K. I really thank Mr.Palwe for his good service in getting this Visa for my mother within due time.

Mr. Mandar Abhyankar

Canada visit Visa

I have had an excellent association with Mr. Manoj Palwe and because of his sincere guidance I got my visitor's visa to Canada.
I wish Mr. Palwe all the best & pray to god that may Sir get all the success and happiness in life.

Mr. Mandar Joshi

Hotel or Motel Manager

There is a quote displayed in Mr. Palwe's office ie- "Future is been decided on todays decision" the same thing happened in my case. He helped me not only in making correct decision but also in executing that. I got my visa only in a year & this happened only because of Mr. Palwe's guidance & support.

Mrs. Sangita More

Internal Auditor

Today, I got my visa for Australia, I would like to thank Mr.Palwe from bottom of my heart. His experiance & devotion to work help me for my case. It is very dificult for a women to prove herself, but today I can stand because of Mr. Palwe advice & guidence.

The credit of my success goes to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mrs. Savali Shinde

Australia Visitor Visa

Today I got my visitor visa for Australia, now I can meet my husband early. I am very happy. I would like to thank Mr. Palwe for lot of support in my case.
This is the gretest moment in my life. Once again I thank a lot to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mrs. Sheetal Bapat

Australia Visitor Visa

I would wish to convey my sincere thanks to Palwe sir and his entire team for getting my Visitor Visa done for Australia smoothly and in a short time too.
Thank you Very Much.

Mr. Chandrakant & Vijaya Utture

Australia Visitor Visa

We both are very much thankful to Mr. Palwe for helping us to get our Australian Visitor Visa. I met him only once.
We got our Visitor visa in 1 month. Mr. Palwe handled the case very nicely.

Thanks to him once again!!

Mr. Popat Mane

Social Worker

Mr. Palwe has great share to make my dream true. It is my family dream to work in australia. I would like to thank Mr. Palwe & his team. I would like to appreciate his quick service.

Ms. Pratibha Waske

Social Worker

Getting visa & working in Australia was like a dream, which came true becuase of valuable guidance & co-operation of Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

I would like to thank him for his service.

Mrs. Vasudha Mazagaonkar

Canada Visitor Visa

We are happy with the services you provided to us which helped us to get my tourist visa. I also take this opportunity to give some suggestions which I am sure you will read with open mind.

I am sure when we approached you with our problem after going through my case with your experience you were quite sure about my case. since services you provide considered as service industry.. Where I feel you should make the client feel assured as that makes lot of difference. May be by discussing it very clearly with your client and by giving little more time and attention. Its something like what doctor does with his patient if he discusses the case with him he feels half cured.
One should feel very confident after leaving your cabin.
Being from army background we were sure about what you were sure but may be it will help others.
Overall I am very thankful to you for all your help and guidance in my case.

Mrs. Vasudha Mazagaonkar

Ms. Shilpa Tadke

Education Officer

I thank to Mr. Manoj Palwe for his help & guidance given to me. The services render were good & the staff was also co-operative. I am totaly satisfied.

Thank you once Again.

Mr. Abhijit Godbole

Internal Auditor

"It was my dream to migrate to Australia which became the reality just because of Palwe sir. I am very happy to reach my destiny. I am extremely grateful to him & the entire team of Taurus Infotek for their support."

Thanks a lot ...

Ms. Neeta Nalawade


This day is very special for me, because today I got my visa for Australia and my dream came true. I am really very thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek for giving me such a great opportunity.
Thanks a lot sir, for guidance & supporting me financially. I will never forget this day.

Mr. Abhijit Padhye

Bussiness & Information Professionals

I request Mr. Palwe , Please accept our deep respect and never-ending thanks for making our impossible dream to possible. During the process I learnt so many good things from Mr. Palwe. I just observed him. He is so Polite & having great patience. It is always taught in school that always be polite & have patience. Mr. Palwe has these qualities forever, it is not for a particular time.

Again I thank to Mr.Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mrs. Hemakshi Patel

UK Visitor Visa

Its like dream come true. I got my UK Visitor Visa today and all credit goes to Mr. Palwe and his team with their efforts Once again I am going to visit my close relatives and friends. I thank Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Ms. Bhakti Patwardhan

UK Working Holiday Visa

During one of my official assignments in 2005, I have got chance to visit London for few months and since then it was my desire to migrate to UK. I had no idea how I could make my dream come true and started to search for a worthy consultancy on the net for guiding me to turn my dream into reality. Out of the sites I visited, I found this one to be trustworthy and it turned out to be true when I met Mr. Manoj Palwe at his office in Pune. He guided me to get a visa to the UK and patiently followed up with my case for around one and half years till I successfully got the visa.

Thanks a lot Mr. Palwe!

Mr. Rakesh Tiwari

UK Student Visa

I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe for supporting me in my U.K. Student Visa. He guided me very well in all stages.

Thanks again.

Mrs. Shivrani Chaudhari


It was great to have visa as we were very late in completing the formalities. We thank Mr. Palwe in all help provided to us. Let's hope we will get setteled very well in Australia.

Thanks a lot Mr. Palwe.

Mr. Aditya Bartake

Internal Auditor

We thank you for the help and guidance extended at everystep during our procedure. It is indeed a happy moment today for us after we have received our visa. The staff of Taurus Infotek is very polite and helpful. Systematic procedures through email and paperwork are indeed well taken care of by the staff. I wish you great sucess in helping more and more people to travel out of India and become sucessful in endevoures.

Mrs. Namita Ghalsasi

Office Manager

It was indeed unbelivable! I had always looked at various apportunities in life, but had never thought I will get an apportunity to go to Australia with my family, at the age of 44. All thanks to Palwe sir for making it possible. He guided us properly & encourage us. I consider my self to be very fortunate to get one of the most capable immigration consultant in the form of Palwe sir.

Thanks again.

Mr. Kumar Ayer

UK Student Visa

Thank you sir for all the guidance & help needed in HSMP Visa process . Your guidance was very helpful in collecting the paper work & the application forms.

Thanks a lot for every thing for my process.

Mr. Vikrant Muley

Canada Student Visa

If Mr.Manoj Palwe sir is going to handle your case,then be 200% sure that you gonna get the visa any how..and they will do it spectacularly and succsesfully even when you feel there are less chances or they will not do it at all. They are the master of Immigration business and Palwe sir, the only person who can truly make it happen and believe me the wait was worth its while. I am flying to Canada just because of Taurus Infotech and but offcourse with the help of British Airways.

Thank you very much once again and wishing God's choicest blessings on you and your wonderful team at "Taurus Infotek".

Mrs. Soniya Muley

Australia Visitor Visa

If Mr. Palwe's office is very thorough, professional,and most importantly responsive. We are extremely impressed with the professional but friendly, courteous and timely consultation assistance rendered by Mr. Palwe and his able team members.
We look forward to work with them in the years to come. We also feel that we should advise others who look for 'no-frill' down-to-earth , quick services, they should contact Mr. Palwe and his team. The service provided by this office is at par excellence. The staff is very patient, prompt and efficient. At Last, the work was satisfactorily done (AUSTRALIAN VISA) and all my queries were nice and promptly answered.
Best Wishes for Taurus Infotek...

Thanks a lot,
Mrs. Soniya Sanjiv Mulay.

Mr. Anad Ghotikar

UK Working Holiday Visa

Mr. Manoj Palwe is a great human being, who helped me a lot to get my UK Working Holiday Visa. I thought it was impossible for me to get this visa, but it was "SIR" (Mr. Manoj Palwe) who gave me confidence and insisted to apply for visa. He did not even bothered about his fees. It was through his great experience and knowledge that I got my visa. I am also applying for Australia through Sir.
Thanks to his staff who were so kind and helped me a lot for my paper work.
"Best Consultant I Ever met, Wish you all the happiness in the world".
God Bless you !

Mrs. Deborah Dhanvate

Primary School Teacher

We thank God for Mr. Palwe. Five years ago we had tried and we were unsucessful twice. We had lost hope, untile God introduced Mr. Palwe through one of our friend. Mr. Palwe asked us only one question "Do you deserve to go to Australia?" we said "Yes". Mr. Palwe quoted a Bible verse, and once again we were encouraged, motivated & thrilled to know that we can still make it to Australia. A perfect financial guidance, we had enough time to arrange for finance.
Things moved so quickly, perfectly, sincerely and in earnest. We thank God for Mr. Palwe and his team of Taurus Infotek for everything they have done for us. They have been a blessing for us. We are praying for Mr. Palwe, his staff, his family. May God bless them and make them a blessing for others too.

God Bless you !

Mr. Salil Bagawde

Graphic Designer

I am very happy that today we got Australia PR visa. From the day I started meeting with Mr. Palwe he was very co-operative & helpful to me for achieve my goal.
We once again thank him very much for all the support he has given me.
We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Mr. Ghoshal Dake

IG-UK Visa

I would sincerely recommmend to people who are looking to migrate to UK or otherwise to adhere to Mr. Manoj Palwe's service.
I have found him to be an extreme source of comfort during my application process for Tire-1 -Post study work visa for Uk. Mr. Palwe's constant guidance & close monitoring is highly appreciated. He always answered all my calls & helped me throughout, which vouches for his credibility & professionalism. The cover letter drafted by Mr. Palwe was so precise & succint that the same strengthned my case & it actually became a model case.

Thank you again Mr. Palwe!!!!
I hope we keep in touch throughout!!!!

Ms. Mitali Mahajan

Australia Visitor Visa

I am really grateful today as my visa (visitor visa) has came.That too in a very shot time! I am thankful to Palwe sir for his support in every way to make my visa come on time.

I wish Mr. Palwe all the best & pray to god that may Sir get all the success and happiness in life.

Mr. Hrushikesh Mahajan


I shared a good working relationship with Mr. Palwe and his team. They were available to me around the clock whenever I had any question/query or clarification. During my visa application process we encountered some problems but finally we were able to overcome than and get my Tier 1 Visa for UK.

Thank you for your efforts

Ms. Manasa Veena Mamidi

UK Student Visa

I really appriciate & thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team for the guidance & valuable support provided to my student visa.It's a great honour to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe for his encouragement & guidance. I truely thank them.

Thanks a lot.......

Mr. Raghunath & Aanandibai Ghorpade

Australia Visitor Visa

We are very happy that today we got visa for Australia.Though we are Comman Marathi People we didn't face any problem in Immigration Process. All credit goes to Mr. Manoj Palwe. Thanks a lot sir !!!

Mr. & Mrs Ghorpade

Ms. Gurajala shanthi

Secondary School Teacher

My sincere thanks for all your help and completing PR process successfully. I have already recommended your names to many of my friends. I am trying to advertise your name where it is possible. I went through your profile and it is excellent. My best wishes with your bussiness.we will contact you again about my parents and my sister's PR. Thank you for providing me flexible payment options. You have changed someone's life by completing this process.

Ms. Neha Pardeshi

Child Visa

I am really happy that I can join my parents in Australia, because today I got the visa. Thank you very much Manoj Palwe & efficient team of Taurus Infotek.

Ms.Teresa Dcruz

Australia Visitor Visa

I would like to convey my Thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team for helping me in getting my Visitor Visa for Australia. I am very much pleased about it.

I wish Mr.Palwe all the best for all his furture endeavours.

Mr.Prasad Sawant

Internal Auditor

Yes, it was a dream preserved at heart, since long time to work abroad especially at Australia & its proceed in this direction with the grace of god, a good guide & first helper met me in the form "TAURUS INFOTEK". This organization has helped me a lot. Their cooperation, guidance from time to time, and their sincere attempt to get me visa and further assistance in obtaining job opportunities there. No doubt this is remarkable service & deserve for deep appreciation.

Thank You ..........

Mrs. Meena Tribhuvan

Australia Visitor Visa

Me and My Husband are very excited to receive our Visitor Visa in time. We were under lot of tension that will we get our Visa in time and so on. But thanks to Palwe sir for doing everything in short time without any problems.

Thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team for their complete support.

Mr. S. S. Katdare

Industrial Pharmacist

"Profound knowhow of all the immigration laws, regulations and constant watch on the ever changing requirements is what plays a pivotal role in the success of the visa application and Mr. Palwe and his team just excels in the same.

Highly professional service, individual attention, friendly staff and genuine counseling are some of the few things we highly appreciated about the Taurus Infotek's services. We are confident that Mr. Palwe being a veteran in his field can always offer proper guidance and the right solution based on the profile to make the dreams realize no matter even if the case is complicated.

Our heartfelt gratitude and highest recommendations for the Taurus Infotek services!"

Mrs. Kalpana Ghanwat

Australia Visitor Visa

I want to thank Palwe Sir for helping me to get my Visitor Visa without any problems. I am very happy to get my Visa.

Thank you to Mr. Palwe and his team.

Mr.Ganesh Gayakawad

Marketing Specialist

Mr. Manoj Palwe is the person who has given a turning point to my career. My dream to achieve prosperity, life style & career has come true just because of your sincere guidance & efforts.
Manoj sir, I think you are a person like a coconut ,who may look harsh from outside but you are really a kind hearted from inside. I know,you personally give attention to each & every person's case, and the rest depends on his fortune. I think in my case your disciplined work has helped me to get my SIR visa hasslefree & in most fastest way.

I wish may God always bless you & your team so that you people keep on shaping the applicants career in the brightess way & help them to achieve their dream.

Mr.Sagar Dorge

Industrial Pharmacist

It was the most happiest day of my life(6th March 09) when Mr. Palwe rang & declared that my visa has been granted . At Taurus Infotek once you file your case for immigration , you just need to provide all the documents to Palwe sir & be patient . Rest you can leave upto Palwe sir & wait fot that fine morning when Palwe sir would call you & declare about your visa grant.

I would like to say thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe & entire team of Taurus Infotek for giving me opportunity to convert my dreams into realities.

Mrs. Iravati Shinde

Internal Auditor

I met god on earth.
I am so excited & happy today to receive the visa.It's indeed a turning point of my life. And I could arrive to this point only because of Mr. Palwe's honest efforts & confidence in my case. I thank him & his entire team for making my dreams come true.

Thank you sir...........

Mr. Swamirao Morey

Australia Visitor Visa

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my Visitor Visa work done in such a short period. I really appreciate his confidence in his Work. I wish Mr. Palwe and his team Best Wishes.

Mrs. Jayashri Pawar

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very much excited to get my Visitor Visa so early without any obstacles. I would like to thank Mr. Palwe and his entire team for their support in getting my Visa. I found Mr. Palwe very sincere in his work and efforts. I wish all the best to him and his team.

Mr.Bajirao And Mrs. Lalita Gholap

Australia Visitor Visa

Though we were not very fluent in English, you still helped us in migrating to Australia. Myself and my wife are very grateful to you for the same. And more so, because you got the Visa for us without we going through any kind of trouble. The entire process was very smooth. So special thanks for that.

All the Very Best.

Mrs. Manasi Marathe(Gole) & Family


It was a nice experience to get supported by Mr. Manoj Palwe for my Australia visa application.
Thank you very much to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team for help & continuous support

Thank you very much............

Mr.Shankar & Mrs. Uma Kadu

Australia Visitor Visa

Me and my wife are very much grateful to Mr. Palwe and his team for helping us in getting our Visitor Visa. And more so, because Mr.Palwe got the Visa for us without we going through any kind of trouble. The entire process was very smooth. So special thanks for that.

All the Very Best.

Mrs. Prema Nevarekar

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very thankful to you & your whole team for getting visa for my wife. You have helped a lot to my daughter Mrs. Rashmi & son in low Mr. Pankaj Patole to get all process of immigration done. They both & my family are always thankful to you. You are like our family immigration consultant .

Thank you.....

Mr.Amey Vartak

Urban And Regional Planner

Thanks a lot for helping me to get the Australia visa. It was really needed for me to work in such a developing country. You helped me in all possible ways. The only thing I regret that our first attempt was failed and that costed me some loss. Otherwise you are really prompt and professional in approach and quite particular in your way of follow up . It was a long process and there were so many ups & downs while the application but all is well if ends well. Wishing you a very happy new year and you may prosper and continue the proper service in future.

Thank you....

Mr. Pandurang & Taibai Hembade

Australia Visitor Visa

We are very happy to get our visitor visa for Australia so soon. We wanted to join our daughter in Australia at earliest and Mr. Manoj Palwe has helped us in this.

Thanks to him & his team.

Mrs. Neha Saraf

UK Visitor Visa



Mr.Ashwin Joshi

Records Manager

I remember the day when I came to you to know about Australian visa & to enroll myself for the same. I was bit skeptical whether I had come to the right person. But today when I am writing this with visa in my hand.I can only say "Taurus Infotek" is only right organization in this area in entire Pune.
Although the process of getting Australian visa is long and hectic it was your professional and kind approach which made the process easier. Certain things which occurred due to global economic recession and resulting delay was made me upset sometimes but I would appreciate it was handled properly.

Thanks to your approach. I wish best in your future endeavors.

Ms. Meenal Sohani


I can not thank you enough for being instrumental in getting visa for me and my daughter. With earlier disappointing experience with other agent. I had almost given up hope, but your efforts & focused procedure brought success to this enslaver which is about to change my life.

Thank you once again..............

Mr. Nitin Ware

Business & Information Professionals

Dear sir,lots of thanks for your all support & guidance throughtout this visa process. Because of your valuable guidance my dream of working in Australia is going to become true.

Thanks once again..............

Mr. Jintoman Abraham

Social Worker

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being very instrumental in the process of being granted a PR in Australia. I believe it would not have been possible without your guidance and professionalism intervention.
I am grateful to you & your team. I also would like to appreciate you for the level professionalism shown in my case. Wish you all the best for all cases.

Thank you.........

Mr. Abhijit Jagtap

Canada Student Visa

I can not thank you enough for being instrumental in getting visa for me and my daughter. With earlier disappointing experience with other agent. I had almost given up hope, but your efforts & focused procedure brought success to this enslaver which is about to change my life.

Thank you once again..............

Mr. Sandeep Palande

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very greatful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for getting my Visitor Visa for Australia. My first attempt to get the same was rejected but with the inputs from Mr. Palwe I got my visa quickly in the second attempt.

Thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team for their efforts.

Mrs. Upeksha Puthran

UK Visitor Visa

My joy has no limit . I am very much thankful to Mr. Palwe for his timely guidance & efforts for my visit to UK. Obtaining visa may God bless him success longlife with forever happiness. Sir,once again thank you very much .

Thank you.......
All the Very Best.

Mr. Vishal Deshpande


I would really like to thanks Mr. Palwe and his staff for doing a great job for me. Mr. Palwe & his team are responsible for converting my dream into reality.

Thank you...........

Ms. Shikha Sondhi

Finance Manager (Canada PR)

I am truly indebted to Taurus Infotek for all the guidance and support provided for my immigration for Canada. Getting Canadian visa has indeed been a dream come true.

Thanks a million to the Taurus Infotek Team once again. You guys are doing fabalous job.
All the Best.

Mr. Vivek Tharwal

Internal Auditor (Canada PR)

Mr. Manoj Palwe is a professional and devoted migration consultant having deep knowledge of his field. He does his work by heart and as his passion. Also he knows time management very well

Once again thank you

Mr. Madhukar & Megha Mahajan

Australia visitor visa

We are very happy to get our visitor visa for Australia so soon. We got the Visa without we going through any kind of trouble. The entire process was very smooth.

So special thanks for that.

Mr. Gulab & Vijaya Rajegaokar

Australia visitor visa

We are very greatful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for getting us Visitor Visa for Australia.We would like to thank Mr. Palwe and his entire team for their support in getting us Visa. We found Mr. Palwe very sincere in his work and efforts. I wish all the best to him and his team.

Mrs. Shaila Telgu

Australia visitor visa

I am actually speechless today as I have received my special visa just now. I just can't imagine that I have my visa in my hand in such a short span of time.
The Taurus Infotek does thrilling works actually Hats off to them all and a special thank & gratitude towards Mr. Palwe without whom nothing was possible.

Thank you ......

Master. Sumedh Ralebhat

Child visa

We are very thankful to Mr. Palwe, who is very helpful and doing good job for people, who are wishing to go abroad to set their carrier.
He is having a good knowledge of visa and passport process and a various queries which are obtaining in processing. Because of him, I got a lot of information about visa process. I can tell to others if they are having any problem.

I wish him and his team for good future in this field. Thank you.

Mrs. Pratibha Ray

Life Scientist

Coming Soon.....

Mr.Sandeep Makasare

Hotel Manager (Canada PR)

Sir, I am very happy to say you thanks as my dreams came true today. It was my dream to go abroad and I got success because of your moral support and good guidance. I will never forget this in my life as you have helped me a lot & supported me to get settled in my life.

Thanking you......

Mr. Vivek Bhondave

Hotel Manager

My sincere thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe and his entire team for the guidance and hard work. The result that we see today is the decisions that we had taken yesterday. I would not have been initiated without Mr. Palwe's guidance and professional approach. He was my Bagpiper throughout the case and I religiously followed his instructions. The team of Taurus Infotek is efficient & professional to the point. I wish the team good luck in the future for more success.

Thank you...........

Mr. Kedar Anjarlekar

Canada PR

The world "Thanking you" very much is not enough for your service. We wish & appreciate your work towards our Canada visa process. Also Thank you for Taurus Infotek team for helping us.

Very thankful to Pallavi your staff Assistant.

Ms. Arohi Pawar

UK Dependent visa

I am thankful for your support and help in getting my daughter's visa. Also your Staff was helpful, electronic form was neatly filled and documentation were attached in order.

Thank you very much...........

Ms. Ankita Bhargava

UK Tier - 1

It has been a pleasure and a complete gratifying experience dealing with Manoj Sir. The patience & level of explanation is far superior & something that should be recommended to all. The most assistance that Taurus gives you is explaining & guiding you through the process of application of your visa. I thank Manoj sir & his team for making this process for me.

Best of luck & Good wishes.

Mr. Daniel Nagnur

UK Tier - 2

I have taken help of Mr. Manoj Palwe of Taurus Infotek for my UK Tier 2 application. I found he is very knowledgeable and professional in his approach. I am really happy with Taurus Infotek services.

Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe.

Master. Shreyansh Raut

UK Dependent visa

Myself and my husband are on post study work visa, we were in the UK since last 3 years, I had applied for my son's dependant visa from India which got rejected. I really did not understand why would anyone reject the visa of a 2 months old baby? In spite of having enough funds in our accounts the visa was rejected.
My husband was in the UK and I was in India all alone with no one to help or guide me, due to the rejection of the visa, I had already lost enough money as visa fees and I did not wanted to take any chances. I came to know about Taurus infotech and Mr. Manoj Palwe via a search engine. I immediately fixed an appointment to meet him, and in our first meeting Mr. Palwe ensured me that he will help me getting my son's visa.
In the next few days Mr. Palwe and his team guided me in filling the form and doing all the necessary paper work. Within a month of meeting Mr. Palwe I got my sons visa. I am really thankful to Mr. Palwe and his team for all they have done for me. Today I am in London with my husband and son, thanks to Taurus Infotech.
My husband is so pleased with their services that he has made up his mind to consult Mr. Palwe for any future visa applications.


Mr. Satish Dongare


Today I received very unexpected & pleasant surprise from Mr. Palwe.
He & his team thorough professional & consistent in getting documents.

I am very thankful.

Mrs. Sheela Saggam

USA Visitor Visa

We are very happy with the entire support and guidance received from you and your team for complete preparation to apply, appear for US visa formalities.
In particular we would like to place on record the following:

. A very speedy filing of application which was very important since Sheela was planning to fly within three weeks of first meeting with you.
. Prepare documents and collection of various data.
. Preparation of file with right sequence for ease of presentation and retrieval.
. Complete step by step guidance to get ready for interview
. Sheela was completely tensed up before entering the room for interview, however with complete readiness and rehearsal she did not face any difficulty and visa approval process was very smooth.

Keep up the good work !

Mrs. Heena Patel

USA Visitor Visa

Thank you for your kind helps for USA visitor visa. I will defiantly recommend others if anyone are looking for VISA processing.

Once again Thank you....

Ms.Vaishali Mali

Australia Visitor Visa

I want to thank Palwe Sir for helping me to get my Visitor Visa for Australia without any problems.

Thank you very much.......

Mr. Kaushik Shah

USA Visitor Visa

I & my wife approached you to get the US visa. In a short period we got the visa. We have received a US visa with very easily, as guided by you & your staff. We are very much thankful for correct & easy guidance. We found your guidance very helpful - from initial form filling up to last interview at consulate - every where.

We appreciate your service.

Ms. Jayashree Nande

Australia visitor Visa

I am very thankful to you & your whole team for getting my Australia visitor visa. I got the Visa without going through any kind of trouble. The entire process was very smooth.

Thank you.

Mr. Shailesh Sonkedkar

Canada Business Visa

I am very happy to get my visa, because it has been rejected twice. But Taurus Infotek and Manoj sir guided me accurately. They studied my case and process very properly.

I wish them for there good work and also thankful for my visa.

Ms. Shweta Pancharde

Uk Stduent Visa

Coming Soon.....

Mrs. Priti Kanikdale

UK Visitor Visa

Coming Soon.....

Ms. Sayuri Watve

Child Visa

We would like to thank to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my Daughter’s PR Visa for Australia in such a short period. Today we are very happy.

Thank you very much.

Ms. Mallama Bhoi

Australia visitor Visa

I am very happy to get my visitor visa for Australia so soon and without going through any kind of trouble.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Nilesh Madkaikar

Canada PR

We would like to address this mail to Mr. Palwe & his entire team for their very timely and accurate guidance during the entire process of our Canadian Immigration. Though we were in Dubai during our entire immigration process, this never proved to be a hindrance for them to communicate and do the follow ups with us.
We would highly recommend Taurus Infotek to any family who is looking for immigration assistance.

All the Very Best.

Mr. Amish Patel

Canada PR

I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe. He has done a magic. I have got a lot of support from Palwe sir & his team which really helped me to get my PR visa smoothly & quickly.

Once again I would like to thank to the professional team of Taurus Infotek

Ms. Tehseen Shaikh

USA Stduent Visa

I am thankful for your support and help in getting my USA Student visa.

Thank you............

Mr. Shailendra Gujar

Denmark Green Card

Mi Apla Shatasha Wruni Aahe.

Because of you, I came to know how to apply for Danish Green card visa. I had lost my hopes for Australian visa after 2 attempts of IELTS 6.5 score. You only opened the door of hope for European country. Now I got my visa for 3 years at very minimal fees. Now I am free to apply for job in Denmark. I am sure you will help me for finding a job in Denmark & further process.

Thank you very much.

Smt. Manorama Rai

Australia Visitor Visa

Taurus Infotek is a group of fabulous people headed by Mr. Manoj who has in-depth knowledge of their jobs and responsibilities. I never had to turn back and follow-up for my mother's Australian Visa after submitting the required documents suggested by Mr. Manoj.This shows the sense of Customer Satisfaction that Taurus Infotek as a group cares. If required in future, I will with no second though approach Taurus Infotek for assistance. This is recommendations to others that if you want hassle free services, please do visit Taurus Infotek

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his staff.

Mrs. Smita Watve

Australia Visitor Visa

We would like to thank to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my mother's Visitor Visa for Australia in such a short period. Today we are very happy.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Suhas Kamble

UK Business Visa

It was my mistake I took the Visa procedure lightly and applied myself. With your assistance it got cleared so cleanly.

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his staff.

Mr. Samad Khan

UK Tier -1

Thank you so much for all your guidelines you gave to me, to make my TIER 1 application successful, it's like making our dreams true through Dream visa. I always use to feel that my dream will always be a dream but you & your team made it a real fact. I also appreciate the hard work done by your team to make my application successful, although I am from Mumbai, but never felt that I am so far from your office, you and your team where always available for any guidelines I required. You had made the process so simple that the application just have to sit back and relax and the rest for him is been taken care by your team.
I am very thankful to make my colleague who referred me to you, it was really worth to make an agreement with you to process my TIER 1 visa application.

Once again thanking you and your entire team, you really have a very best team.

Mr. Krishna Sirsikar

USA Visitor Visa

We are very happy with the entire support and guidance received from Mr. Palwe and Taurus Infotek team for complete preparation to apply, appear for US visa formalities.

Once again thank you !!!!!!!

Mr. Prasad Gore

Canada Visitor Visa

I tried four times applying Canada visa but each time it was rejected. Then Mr. Manoj Palwe took my case as a challenge and applied his full knowledge & experience. Manoj sir did a fantastic job and got approved my Canada visa.

Unforgettable experience for me with Manoj sir. Thanks to him & his team.

Mrs. Leela Yadav

Australia Visitor Visa

I would like to thank to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my Visitor Visa for Australia in such a short period.I am very happy to get my Visa.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Sanjay Shitole

Petroleum Technologist (Canada PR)

It's great pleasure to write about Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team who had put their all efforts in my Canada Immigration process. Mr. Palwe & his staff’s prompt action in and outside India are appreciable. His valuable guidance helped to speed the process from my end.
The Taurus Infotek got a touch of professionalism that dressed life of many youths & their families and many more youths waiting to be benefited from the institute services.

I wish Mr. Manoj Palwe & his most efficient staff all success & good luck.

Mr. Ravindra Sinare

USA Visitor Visa

I would like to convey my Thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team for helping me in getting my Visitor Visa for USA.

Wish you all the best.........

Mr. Parvesh Shaikh

New Zealand Work Permit

I am really happy with the service of Taurus Infotek. I got my New Zealand work permit visa in record time. Mr. Manoj Palwe has guided me in a very professional manner and also given me a big concession in his fee.

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his staff.

Mrs. Rajashree Walimbe

Australia Visitor Visa

I would like to thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and all team who give me full support. I got my visa and my dream came true.

Once again thank you..........

Mr. Shridhar Watve

Australia Visitor Visa

We would like to thank to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my Father's Visitor Visa for Australia in such a short period. Today we are very happy.

Thank you very much.

Mrs. Vaishali Deshpande

Australia Visitor Visa

I am really happy with the service of Taurus Infotek. Because of Mr. Manoj Palwe sincere guidance I got my visitor's visa to Australia.

Once again Thank you.................

Mrs. Savita Umrani

Australia Visitor Visa

The service of Taurus Infotek is very good. I got the Australian visitor Visa without going through any kind of trouble.
Thank you for Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team.

Once again thanking you and your entire team, you really have a very best team.

Miss. Sundeepta Shinde

Denmark Green card (Personal Officer)

It has been a wonderful experience with Taurus Infotek. Especially I would like to thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for guiding me throughout to get the Denmark Green Card visa.
Today I am very happy and satisfied with all my efforts and the confidence which Manoj sir had put in me.

Once again thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team.

Mrs. Deepti Dubey

New Zealand Dependent Visa

There are few things in life which cherished us forever with the twinkle in eye and smile on faces. These few things can not be easily achievable. And few people have the capability to make that few impossible things into possible one. You sure the person with combination of knowledge, intellectual with speedy vision. Your patience makes us believe in you with the determination to achieve that goal.
I am feeling lucky now as I came to you for the lifetime win win situation. Your helping nature with the strong vision helped me to get the impossible. I am very obliged and thankful to you for getting my visa in just 15 days in spite of the positive profile.

Once again thank you very much to you and your team efforts. I wish you and your team a good luck for the coming year.

Mr. Daulatrao Patole

Australia Visitor Visa

We are very happy to get our visitor visa for Australia in age of 75. We are very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team.

Thank you........

Mr. Nivrutti Kadam

Australia Visitor Visa

We are very greatful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for getting us Visitor Visa for Australia. I would like to thank Mr. Palwe and his entire team for their support in getting our visa.

Thank yoy very much.

Mr. Rajendra Iyengar

Chef ( Canada PR)

Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team were very helpful and had guided me if I had any problem whatsoever in preparing for my Canada Immigration. I sincerely thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for helping me to get Canada Immigrant Visa.

Kudos to the entire team.

Mrs. Vandana Kulkarni

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team to get my Australian visitor visa very soon.

Thank you very much

Mr.Khushal Pansare

USA Visitor Visa

Thanks to Mr.Manoj Palawe & his team for co-operation .We got visa for USA within some days only. We got proper guidance & co-operationn from you

Thanks a Lot.....

Mr. Madhav Karve

USA Visitor Visa

Coming Soon..........

Mr. Nikhil Naik

Canada Student Visa

Coming Soon...........

Mr. Shantaram Pabalkar

Australia Visitor Visa

We are very happy to get our visitor visa for Australia in age of 75. We are very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team.

Thank you........

Mr. Subhash Lolge

USA Visitor Visa

I am very much thankful to Mr. Palwe and his team for timely guidance & efforts for my visit to USA.

Thank you very much.

Ms. Meera Soma Sundaram

USA Visitor Visa

We are very happy with the entire support and guidance received from you and your team for complete preparation to apply, appear for US visa formalities.

Mr. Abhishek Murgunde

Internal Auditor

I would like to thanks to Mr.Manoj Palwe Sir for his support and all the advice given for Australia visa. One of the most genuine person whom i have meet in my life. Has enormous for the profession in which he is and can help to any extent.

One think which i like the most is that he requires no follow-up for the process as he is always into it and so we can trust him and just do what he suggest.

Mr. Milind Ogale

Resident Return Visa

Thanks to Taurus Infotek for their systematic approach towards work and finally thanks to "GOD" without his blessings nothing is possible.

Wish you all the best.

Mr. Tushar Katariya


Coming Soon.....

Mr. Jagannath Patil

USA Visitor Visa

We would like to thank to Mr. Palwe and his team for getting my Visitor Visa for USA in such a short period.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Bhojraj Teli

USA Visitor Visa

I am really happy with the service of Taurus Infotek. I got my USA Visitor visa in record time.

Once again Thank you

Mr. Prakash Pandit

Australia Visit Visa

Want to thank Palwe Sir for helping me to get my Visitor Visa without any problems. I am very happy to get my Visa.

Thank you to Mr. Palwe and his team.

Mrs. Gowri Shankar

Australia Visit Visa

I am very much grateful to Mr. Palwe and his team for helping me in getting my Australia Visitor Visa. The entire process was very smooth. So special thanks for that.

All the Very Best.

Mr. Abdul Rahim Khan

Canada Visitor Visa

I ame very happy with the entire support and guidance received from you and your team for complete preparation to apply, appear for Canada visa formalities.

We appreciate your service.

Mr. Milind Sose

USA Visitor Visa

Coming Soon......

Mr. Ashish Dani

Canada Stuednt Visa

I am extremly happy with the service provided by Mr.Palwe.Thanks to him.
I got my student visa in short time only because of Mr. Manoj Palwe and his Team.

Thank you once again.

Mr. Birendra Bhandari

Sales and Marketing Manager

Manoj Palwe has been a great guide for my Visa processing.. He has helped me at every stages while processing Visa documents. Today with his support and advice, me and my family are holding Australian citizenship. We have applied for OCI card, now I can visit India as and when required without any Visa. And this suggestion was given to me by Mr. Manoj Palwe. By applying to OCI card it has made the boundaries shorter. Apart from that Mr. Manoj Palwe has provided sincere suggestions to my family and friends and helped them to get Visa for Australia. Once again I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for their guidance and support!!!

Dr. Manisha Tol

Doctor (Anaesthetist)

My dream to go abroad will come in reality through "Taurus Infotek"
Palwe sir is very soft, hentle cool tempered as Palwe madam. having extraordinary knowledge of english.she give the exact direction to the students for approceting the IELTS.she help a lot to everyone & minimise the difficulties.Suchete madam,Archana madam & Jyoti madam also help the students.they take responsibility of class & haldle it very well.

I think Taurus Infotek is the best division in pune.
Thank You Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhosale

Australia Visitor Visa

Coming Soon......

Mrs. Sheena Mehatha

Canada PR (Comp. Prof)

Coming Soon......

Mr. Sameer Pbalkar

Medical Administrator

We are very delighted to get Australia visa.Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for his support and guidance.Anybody needs help regarding migration we will suggest them Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Kenith Remmy

Resident Return Visa (RRV)

I had the good fortune of processing my RRV through Mr. Manoj Palwe. I found in him a person of great Honesty, Loyalty especially on the ethics part, Integrity and motivated towards achieving required results. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for dealing with my case with the utmost sensitivity.

Mrs. Vanmala Shinde

UK Visit Visa

"Mr Palwe helped us through Step 1 to Step 10 of the Tourist Visa process for my mum at every step of the way. Without their guidance, the entire procedure of going through the visa application would have been nothing more than hectic but with his and his team's expertise at Taurus Infotech, it felt like a walk in the park."

Thank you to the Mr Palwe and his team at Taurus Infotech.

Mr. Vilas Dadu Magadum

Australia Visitor Visa

I got my visa in less time so I am very happy. Mr. Palwe supported us a lot.

Once again thank you to all Taurus Infotek staff.

Ms. Aparna Ranade

Canada Visitor Visa

I have got an excellent association with Mr. Manoj Palwe and because of his sincere guidance I got my visitor's visa to Canada.

Thank you

Ms. Trupti Soshte


Mr. Manoj Palwe is good overseas immigration consultant, he assist me in process of Australian PR. The fee he is charging is aslo very affordable

Ms. Gauri Nabar


Thank you so much for your advice & support! without your help our dream would not have materialised. I apprciate your guidance, transperancy and solution driven approach.

Thanks to entire staff !!

Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Gupta

USA Visitor Visa

We both are very happy palwe sir. Only because of you we will get a chance to meet our childrens. Me and my spouse want to thank you from bottom of our heart. Thanks to you staff efforts.

Once again I thank to all Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Rohit Honrao

UK Tier 2 Visa

It is difficult for me to express my feelings on a piece of paper. This is nothing but a kind of a dream come true for me. I would give all the credit for this to Mr. Palwe and his staff. Their diligence in their work had no words to say. Working for others success is their motto. After a process of 3 months I got my visa today. Taurus Infotek email address ( is perfect. They make your dream come true.

Again thanks to Palwe Sir and his team.

Mr. Jivraj Makwana

Australia Visitor Visa

Comming Soon.....

Mr. Suresh & Madhavi Joshi

Australia Visitor Visa

We got our visa in less time so we are very happy. I am thankful to Palwe sir and his team for his support.

Once again thank you.........

Mr. Shridhar Patil

Sales Representative

We don't have to "Thank You" for helping us to get the "Australian Visa" for a comman man even it is difficult to think about visa however you made this process very easy for us.
You will be remembered through out our life.

It was our dream which you made it reality.

Mr. Vikrant Mulye

Australia Student Visa

The team of Taurus Infotek Is Brilliant and Totally Trustworthy Ruled by the Mastermind, no doubt 'Manoj sir.
First was Canada and now I'm on my life journey to Australia guess would be forever now. It's the second time I have filed my visa to Manoj sir just because I knew there's no one could beat ' Taurus' when it comes to any kind of visa. And I mean it.
I would recommend everyone because they are "The Boss" in visa and migration services.

Thanks Manoj Sir & thanks to beautiful team @Taurus.
Wishing all the success.

Mr. Ashwin Chinmulgund

Busniess & information Pro.

I am very thankful to Manoj Palwe for helping me in my Australian Visa process. It started 4 yrs back in 2008 and since then due to frequent changes of rules, skills and requirements of the Aussie visa, my case kept facing headwinds in all directions. As a result I spent a lot of money on IELTS (twice, as the first result expired), State Sponsorships, Skills Assessments (thrice, bcoz of frequent changes in the Skilled Occupation Lists), but at the end perseverance paid off and Mr. Manoj Palwe was always supportive in providing his visa consultancy services to me which helped me overcome the difficulties in the process.

I would surely recommend his services for your dream visa. I am now looking forward to a good life in Australia.
Thank you Manoj for my Australian Visa

Mr. Vishal Bhosale

Busniess & information Pro.

Comming Soon.....

Mr. Abhijit Waichal

Busniess & information Pro.

I am very pleased and thankful for your service and support which I received during my application procedure for skilled immigration to Australia. Your professional approach towards managing my case was excellent and I am very impressed by your prompt and precise service provided to me.

I have already referred the name of Taurus Infotek to my friends who are planning for migration to various other countries.
Again a very heartiest thanks to you and all the staff of Taurus Infotek.

Ms. Adhishri Dhawale

Australia Visitor Visa

Thank you for Mr. Manoj Palwe and his staff for getting my Australia visitor visa.

Mr. Sanjeev Gikhe

Australia Visitor Visa

I am very happy that today I got Australia visitor visa in short time. I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and entire team of Taurus Infotek.



Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

In the process of selecting an immigration agent, and the market full of all kinds of advertisements, with each one claiming to be better than the earlier one, I was very reluctant to choose any agent. When i asked Manoj Palwe for visa assistance, he made all the details simple and understandable. I found their help to be most reliable, extremely helpful and very co-operative. Manoj Palwe & team, have answered all my unending queries at all random times, and have always been very patient with all the solutions.The know the process in and out and successfully guide you step by step throughout the entire process. I highly recommend their services for any visa applications and particularly if anyone is thinking about permanent immigrations.

Mr. Prakash Salvi

Training Officer

Just to say 'Thanks' won't be enough. Due to efforts of Mr. Palwe and his staff we are able to fulfill our dreams. We received our PR within 2 months and that was only because of Mr. Palwe Sir's guidance. We had already waited for PR for a long time. But Sir suggested us to go for State Sponsorship and the result was great!! Special thanks to his team for their efforts to put things in the right place at the right time..Thanks! Our Best wishes to Mr. Palwe and his staff. Thank you once again for making our future bright!!

Ms. Aashi Patel

Australia Child Visa

Comming Soon....

Mr. Sumeet Agashe

Production Manager (Manufacturing)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

I would personally like to thank Mr Manoj Palwe and his team for helping us in acquiring the visa. When we first met at his office, we were told that we will get the visa in 1.5 yrs time. However this week we received the visa within exact 5 months. I think the turnaround time of our visa is a testimony of the kind of service Mr Palwe and his team delivers

Ms. Saeesha Datar

Child Visa

Coming Soon....

Mr. Jagmeet Tagore

Business & Information Professional (nec)

I registered with your company for the Australian Immigration in the year 2007. The processing took a while due to global recession but we finally managed to get our visa. I really want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and the entire team of Taurus Infotek for your support all through. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone wishing for immigration.

Ms. Mona Makwana


I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for their very good service.. I am very happy today that I got my Spouse Visa for Australia. All credit goes to Taurus Infotek

Mr. Amogh Prasad

Canada PR Visa (Chef)

Coming Soon....

Mrs. Poonam Satav

UK Post Study Dep Visa

My heartily thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for doing such a fantastic job. I received my visa in 13 days and I am so happy for this. I am really thankful to Taurus Infotek. First I was really nervous for my visa but you gave 100% guarantee and don't let me down. Now I am very glad that myself and my daughter is going. My dream came true

Thank you for helping me for completing my dreams.

Mr. Rahul Kelkar

Canada PR Visa

This is a turning point in my career and life, I got PR for Canada, when I started my process from I wasn't even in the country. While doing process I was rejected but Mr. Manoj Palwe sir were confident that i can succeed. Manoj sir is currently the best migration consultant for the immigration process. He has in depth knowledge about each and every step of the process; his team is very professional and co-operative each time. You can learn various things like time utilization, setting benchmark about his work etc. I will definitely recommend Taurus Infotek to my friend and colleagues. I wish all the best Manoj sir & Taurus Infotek for future..

Mrs.Asha Sandhu

Canada Super Visa

Coming Soon...........

Mr.Rajendra Mali

Australia Visitor Visa

Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his staff. Taurus Infotek service is very prompt. I received Australia visitor visa within 20 days because of your good service. I do not need to follow up.
Whenever in future I plan to go abroad I will definitely apply for visa through Taurus Infotek only.
On behalf of my family I would like to give thank to Mr. Palwe and his staff.

Mr. Siddartha Negi

Software Designer

I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team in my visa process.

Their efficient and prompt service was instrumental in the procurement of my visa. Mr. Palwe is very knowledgeable about the visa system. His help is very much appreciated.

Mrs. Prajakta Kelkar

Spouse Visa

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
We were searching for a Migration consultant and landed up in Tauras infotek. Without question its been a great decision. Migration is a big process but with mr.Manoj and his staff's support it was done very smoothly.
Mr.Manoj is very professional,has thorough knowledge, thoughtful, dependable. No matter how many times we forgot to supply documents on time due to hectic schedule, he has always been patient and reguler with the follow ups. His staff is very helpful as well.

We are Completely satisfied with the service and we have aleardy started recommending him to our friends!!

Mr. Amit Chiney


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
It was dream come true in June, 2012 within 1 year of application for Canadian Residency was lodged. I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for providing a truly professional service . He has in depth knowledge of immigration laws and process.
I appreciate the sincerity & hard work of Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team.
Once again Thank you and your staff from the bottom of my Heart and wish the very best for the future.

Mrs. Aarti Oak

Human Resource Advisor

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Mr. Manoj Palwe helped us in getting our temporary resident visa in just 11 months. The most important quality that he posses is that he never gives up on anything. There were many hurdles which we faced and felt that this is a dead end, however, he guided us continuously like an expert and had faith in us, the process and final result. We thank him for this and wish him all the luck in all his endeavors...

Dr. Anjali Ragade


"Mr.Manoj Palwe will definitely give you the best value for money.Once he takes up a case he will take up all the worries for you and you can be relaxed.It is especially helpful for busy s who do not have the time to run around personally.We will most certainly recommend Mr. Palwe for immigration"

Mr. Gaurav Srivastava


Coming Soon...

Mr.Rohan Jadhav


"Palwe Sir has got a very good knowledge and helped us a lot in our process.Whenever the process got stuck he helped us to make it through. Thanks for his efforts and indispensable support."

Pratibha Kand


Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
The service provided by Taurus Infotek is very nice & beautiful. Mr. Manoj Palwe is a very professional consultant, who has a deep knowledge of Migration Process. He helped me in my spouse visa. As my husband was in Australia, I had to manage everything on my own. Mr. Manoj and his team helped me in doing this in a proper manner. I got the Visa in hardly 5 months without any hindrance which was awesome!!! I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for the effort shown by them. All the best!!!!!!"

Mrs. Madura Dabke


Coming Soon...

Mr. Shashikant Kanashetti


Mr. Manoj Palwe has a detail knowledge on immigration consultancy for different countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore. He is the most reliable person with in-depth knowledge on immigration process.

Mr. Merwyn D'souza

Hotel / Motel Manager

Today after almost 3 long years, I have finally received my Canadian permanent resident visa. All credit to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his excellent team at Taurus Infotek. Right from day one he has guided me and always mentioned never loose hope. I would highly recommend to anyone who's seeking to immigrate to use Mr. Palwe's expertise!!

Mr. Alireza Shaghouzaei


I met Mr. Palwe in 2008 at Taurus Infotek to be advised for Immigration to my dream country, CANADA. I am extremely thankful to Mr.. MANOJ PALWE and his great and practical team for their fantastic help and support.Now my dream got fulfilled through this great and nice gentelman. Mr. Manoj Palwe is a detail oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing tight of the strategic objective. Again Thanks MR. MANOJ PALWE.

Dr. Ajay Jog


Coming Soon...

Mr. Abhijit Londhe

Sales Representative

I would like to thank Mr Palwe and his team of Tauras Infotek for showing me right path and guiding me for receiving VISA.I never expected that i will get it so soon . Mr Palwe is Expert person in this field with high degree of integrity can be expected from him . Now I am gonna refer all my friends to him for all types of immigration process.

Mr. Pratik Dhage


"I am currently studying as a Master's student in Santa Clara University,In California.I approached Mr.Palwe in 2012 for the F-1 U.S Visa.
Mr.Manoj Palwe is a proactive and very genuine person in the field immigration consultancy.I really admire him for his root cause analysis tactics for each case, especially for the previously rejected visa cases.He really eased the pressure when I met him.Although my case was an intricate one he suggested me very basic changes in such a way that the case got in the favorable position infront of visa officer.

If anyone is looking for a good visa consulting advisor then without any hesitation I will recommend Mr.Palwe.I wish he will climb each and every success in his career,I really wish him Good Luck !"

Mr. Jaideep Menon


"Mr. Palwe guided me really well for my permanent visa for Australia and because of his efforts; I have managed to get my visa very early. The whole process is extremely professional and well taken care of. Thank you for everything"

Mrs. Vaijayantee Belle

Specialist Physicians - Canada PR

Mr. Manoj Palwe was an invaluable resource during the entire Canadian immigration process. He and his team have a professional approach, with great attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the rules and requirements, and an obvious desire to help their clients in the best way possible. Mr. Palwe and his team are an A-Team and I highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to successfully immigrate to any of the countries that they specialize in. Hats Off!

Ashwini Godse

Training & Development Professional

Well!! When one seeks help he/she always wants to make certain that they reach out to an expert, an expert who has mastered the subject and is competent. Mr Palwe and his team do an excellent job and help you throughout the process- a very professional team, I must say He and the team followed up with me during every important step in the Visa process and got it processed. Perfect team to ensure you get positive results, I highly recommend you to invest your time and money with Taurus Infotek

Humera Mirza

UK dependent Visa

"Thank you Manoj for all the help and the patient hearings during the anxious times of getting the Resident visas of my nieces. You and your assistants were of great help!"

Anika Nande

Australian citizenship

Comming Soon.....

Cheryl D'souza

Project Administrator

I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe for his excellent service in assisting me with my PR process. He has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian immigration process and is an expert visa consultant. His team has been very transparent and efficient; always solved my queries and helped me to get my visa within few months of application. I personally recommend Taurus Infotek for all your Immigration needs.

Mr. Sameer Deshpande

Metal Fitters and Machinists

I approached Mr. Palwe Sir, in 2005 with one of my friends for immigration to Australia. He told me not to apply since the designation I was working in the company had fewer chances for jobs in Australia. Than after progressing and getting good experience in my career in India, I approached Mr. Manoj Palwe again. This time he was sure about my case. He guided whenever necessary, asked for the required documents, cleared all doubts every time. The whole immigration process was very easy and comfortable under the guidance of the entire team and Mr. Manoj Palwe. Falling short of words!!!!

Thank you very much for making my dream comes true.
All the Best Mr. Palwe Sir and the team of Taurus Infotek!!!!

Priyanka Jamkhedekar


Comming Soon.....

Mr. Vikram Pawar


Mr. Manoj is an expert in immigration visa process. He gives detailed information and gives sure results. He with his excellent team guides you throughout the process very well and puts you to the stage you desire. I thank the team and Mr. Manoj for the proper guidance and support through out the visa process...

Divya Leekha

University Lecturer

Mr. Manoj and his team at Taurus Infotech had gone out of the way to process our application for Australian Visa. Ours had been a little different case as our age was above 40 and professional experience scattered over 16 years with different Institutes. Mr. Manoj and his wife Mrs. Meghana had given us continued support throughout the process. I would also thank their daughter, who guided me with preparations for the IELTS. At every point of the process the whole family had been motivating us towards our destination. I highly appreciate their expertise in the field. They are like a complete package for success, with Mr. Palwe very professional with the process work, Mrs. Meghana in mental and emotional support and their daughter in skill support. We are thankful to them for giving us an opportunity for new life."

Sujata Joshi


Comming Soon....

Mr. Akshay Mandlekar

Finance Manager

Manoj sir is a thorough professional with in-depth knowledge of immigration field, which made me very comfortable during the entire process of Australian PR. He has very unique approach of handling the situations. At times me and my wife used to get anxious about our application and the outcome of the same, he would just respond in simple two words Just relax. In fact in my case, at one point I was completely confused with the new process of PR, the EOI and what not, and then top of that some complications in my EOI, and things getting delayed, he made some excellent moves by having another backup plan ready to avoid any further delay and took situation completely under his control. That really amazed me. He has amazing team working under his excellent leadership. The team is also creditable for making our dream come true as they keep following up with me starting from booking IELTS exam date to the final submission of VISA application. The response time is excellent of the entire team. I have never come across to a situation where my queries have not been responded, and I always got detailed explanation for smallest of the query. Manoj sir and his team are completely trustworthy.. You will find various consultants in this field involving in situations where they have cheated clients. But, believe me Taurus Infotek is completely different than those flashy consulting firms. I would highly recommend to all those who wish to apply for migration, use excellent knowledge base of Manoj sir, and make your dream a reality. Thanks a lot Manoj sir and the team.

Mr. Siddharth Pendse

Human Resource Advisor

"Wait, wait, wait and wait... and yet a "Ray of Hope!" I was trying for Immigration for couple of years. I tried for different continents through different agencies until a friend of mine (who's now settled in Australia) referred me to Manoj / Taurus Infotech last year. Well, Aug 23 my wait was finally over! Big thanks to Manoj and his dedicated team! They have excellent knowledge about immigration process, they are dedicated, there follow-up with the client is second to none, they are trustworthy and beyond everything they also "CARE FOR YOUR DREAMS! No kidding!! Want to try for Immigration - Dial: Taurus Infotech."

Mr. Raviraj Gosavi

Architectural Draftsperson

Dream Visas is the best Immigration agency I have ever came across. I had to select an agent for my Immigration to AU. I visited nearly 10 agency offices in Pune. Nobody could able to impress me with their knowledge regarding Visa and Immigration system. But When i met Mr.Palwe, whole scenario changed. He is the man with knowledge and true accurate information with widespread experience. He will never misguide you for his own business in any case. He has strong team to work on your case. Personal Case officers have up to date knowledge regarding updates of your case.

I really thank Mr.Palwe for making my dream true.

Mr. Saurabh Gore

Accomodation Service Manager-Canada PR

I had approached Mr. Palwe after being recommended through common friends. Right from the onset of application, his guidance was like a balm to my jittery nerves since applying to a foreign country made me anxious. He & his team at Taurus Infotek have guided me through the various detailed steps of the process. Even midway through the process since I had married, he was kind enough to include my wife for the same. In case if there were any changes in policies/procedures, all information was provided on time so that corrective measures would be initiated for the application. He also assists in Post-Landing services & provides guidance on finding suitable accommodation & job as well. I would recommend anybody who wishes to go to Canada to visit Mr. Palwe @ Taurus Infotek in Pune & also wish him luck & success for his future.

Warm Regards, Saurabh Gore

Mr. Rohan Borhade

Chef - Canada PR

"I applied for the Canadian P.R. via Taurus infotek in February 2012 and received the visa in Aug. 2012 which was quite quick regarding Canadian visa stamping. I would recommend the use of this agency as their service is great. I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for their support."

Mr. John William

Human Resource Advisor

We were opting for Australian PR Visa and in the process were looking for credible Migration Consultant to help us through the process. While doing random search in Google we landed on website. One thing that attracted us to the site was the client testimonials and the transparent manner in which all the details were furnished including the Costs and timelines. We contacted and subsequently met Mr Manoj Palwe sir. After having met him and understanding the process we were convinced that we have approached the right person. Right from the beginning the correspondence and response was spontaneous and we staying in Bangalore never felt the distance or lack of personal interaction was a barrier. He provided right advise at the right opportunity to make the entire process as smooth as it could get. The staff were extremely professional in their processing and due diligence. At the end we would like to Thanks Mr. Manoj Palwe Sir for his constant guidance which resulted in we obtaining Australian PR visa.

Mr. Jayesh Jadhav

Training Officer - Canada PR

Mr. Manoj Palwe has a very helpful and mentoring approach for the clients. He is extremely well informed about the processes and is himself certified for lot of international application processing. Extremely reliable and trustworthy for any of your international aspirations.

Mr. Apurva Khandalkar

External Auditor

Palwe Sir has thorough knowledge of the Ausrtralian PR process. Taurus Infotek provides highly professional and quality consultancy for immigration. From the day i came to Taurus for enquiry till the i got PR and even afterwards, Palwe sir and his staff has guided me and provided solutions to all my difficulties and queries. Very helpfull. I would definitely recommend Taurus for Immigration consultancy!!

Mr. Nital Kore

Technical Sales Representatives nec

Wow! He did it again. Out of many hundreds of life changed for good, I am more than glad to be one of them. Which seemed to be distant dream, probably a mirage, of getting a PR for Australia..... Manoj Sir could make it possible. Like all good work has many hurdles, my road to PR was also not less bumpy. But because he is so consistent and knows his work well, he will never let you down nor will he quit. The TIGER in him not only motivates you but raises a Triumph in you and ultimately you come out as a conqueror, with him still staying behind the curtains and being happy about your success. Never ever will he take credit for your success (which is actually because of him), but will always give it to you and say you deserve it...... Well there is more to write ...... wait for my other post.

Dr. Preetam Deshmukh

Health Information Manager

I am highly grateful to Manoj Sir and his team for their immense support and outstanding knowledge. He will be able to guide you where does your profile fit in the assessment phase so that your profile is successfully assessed without any glitches. His support staff is very helpful too; they reply to your queries and assist you in every possible way. Thanks Manoj for your guidance and support during my Aus PR process. I recommend him to all the people who have a dream to settle abroad.

Mr. Hemant Phadtare

Construction Project Manager

Comming Soon.....

Mr. Rahul Marne

Sales Representative

Coming Soon.....

Abha Marathe

University Lecturer

We had great experience about Taurus info tech regarding immigration services. Very transparent service with no hidden cost paperwork and response to concerned authorities has been taken care nicely. A very genuine organization.

Valerian Mahankal

Canada student Visa

"I received help from Mr Manoj to apply for student visa under principal of dual intent. If one applies for Permanent immigration in Canada, his/her student visa is likely to be rejected as its a temporary visa, and he has an obvious intention to settle down. However, with the guidance received by Mr Manoj truly helped me to get my student visa. Mr. Manoj, has width and depth of knowledge of immigration and can develop strategies to defend the obstacles case to case basis. He has contacts with the CIC and being an ICCRC member, I won trust in him, along with integrity which reflected by my personal interaction and results achieved through his reference in application to Visa Office. The staff is co-operative and bears patience to help individually on case by case basis. I would highly recommend others to choose Mr. Manoj Palwe for immigration to Canada based on my personal experience and staff interaction."

Shweta Prasad


We thank Manoj Sir for providing us with great assistance for our Visa process. His professional attitude and impeccable knowledge helped us to process our Visa ASAP. Even his post Visa services are worth mentioning which helps one get settled easily. His process is well structured and seamless without any ambiguity. Thanks a lot Sir !!!

Rakesh Kacha


Coming Soon.....

Soham Dingre

Recruitment Consultant

With lots of queries and confusion , I met Manoj few months back regarding Australia VISA application and process . I got good feedback from my friends about him and his firm and I am happy to say that he and his firm stood up for those recommendations. In our discussions he gave the clarity about entire process and explained all pros & cons of the process which indeed developed a trust factor between us . Today I am a proud Australia PR holder and happy to say that , this wouldn't have been possible without his efforts , guidance and great experience in process . Generally IELTS is the hindrance during the process , how can I forget Maitrayee and Uma's guidance so I could clear my IELTS exam in first attempt . Pallavi made sure that my application reaches to every stage on time . Manoj and his team helped me in all aspects of this process . Entire process was handled with an accountability and responsibility. I am thankful to Manoj and his team for their support and guidance during this entire PR VISA process

Revati Nargundkar


Coming Soon.....

Ravindra Lohate

Financial Institution Branch Manager

We are really very grateful to Manoj Sir and his entire team for making our dream come true. Yes its was our life time achievement of getting a PR Visa for Australia and We are really Thankfull to Manoj Sir and his entire team for their guidance and help at every stage during this process. They made it look very simple, at the same time everything was handled in a very professional way. Last but the not the least we would also like to thank Pallavi, Archana and his entire staff for extending their co-operation to us and helping us in getting PR Visa for Australia.

Smita Khode

Training and Development Professional

Mr Manoj Palwe is extremely knowledgeable. He helped me and my family to get PR visa for Australia. The process was very smooth and it took just a year's time. The complete staff at Taurus is friendly and helpful. I would like to recommend Mr Manoj Palwe for any VISA related activities. I wish All the Best to Mr Manoj and his entire Team. I'm sure Taurus Infotech will keep on helping people realize their dreams...

Mr. Nikhil Wadagbalkar

Internal Auditor

I Thank Mr. Manoj Palwe, President of Taurus Infotek, for helping me achieving the most awaited dream of our Australian PR Visa. It was only because of the sincere efforts taken by him and his team which made it possible to get the Visa. I would also like to add that all the process was very smooth and there were absolutely no delays in the same. The systematic approach to the job and the extremely professional approach were the pillars of success. The Office Staff was very very cooperative in the entire process and the Guidance given by them has yielded rich dividends. I must say that he is one of the best Immigration Consultants and I recommend his company for anyone who would need to have this service. I have already told few of my friends to get his consultation services and they are also very happy now seeing the good results. I once again say Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team to make me and my Family Happy for the Visa Success.

Dr. Atul Dadhe

USA Visitor Visa-B1/B2

Manoj Palwe is a President of Taurus Infotech. He and his colleagues are extending nice services for immigration/visa consultancy. His services are with a personal touch and they provide very genuine information. I have observed that they never mislead and give any rosy, unrealistic information. I would recommend Manoj and his company for anyone who would need to have these services which are also fairly priced as compared to other service providers in this spectrum.

Mr. Nareshkumar Suneja

Environmental Manager

If one is not confident about getting a PR,,they should come to Taurus Infotek. This was the case with me and I finally got the PR very sharply.... The time lag between the services is very less/negligible and the apt knowledge of Manoj sir was of immense use for decision making. It was an overall wonderful experience as it does not end at getting VISA but also future updates and things to do follow and Taurus has upper hand in helping one settled down... Thank you so much for the great work.

Meleene Dsouza

Social Worker

Coming Soon.....

Mr. Manish Poojary

Accountant (General)

Our (me and my wife) visa application was accepted in the moth of Sep 2014 and within 4 months on 1st January this year, we got our visa. We are extremely thankful to Taurus Infotech for all the support and making the entire process a very smooth one. Although we were in Mumbai and the office is based in Pune, not once did we face any difficulty. All the procedure were conducted through email of phone calls. Miss Palavi was coordinating with us and the entire process was seamless. The staff are extremely co-operative and friendly, any issue or where we were in doubt Mr Palwe personally got in touch with us and resolved any problem that we had. Their structure of filling the application was so meticulous that there were absolutely no hitches at the time of processing the Visa, because of which it was issued in a very short time. Their success rate is almost 100%, I would strongly recommend Taurus Infotech to anyone planning to migrate to Australia.

Purnima Vishwanath

Management Consultant

Coming Soon.....

Mr. Sushrut Murari Bakshi

Management Accountant

I am extremely happy that a close friend recommended Mr. Manoj Palwe and Taurus Infotek for getting my Australian PR visa. Mr. Palwe is a highly knowledgeable person in his field and his team is very dedicated and professional. They were very thorough in their approach and I got the right advice at every step of my application. Even after I moved out of India for work, the process remained as smooth as before. I would definitely recommend Mr. Palwe and team to anyone who wishes to obtain a PR visa for Australia / Canada. My best wishes to them.

Sheila Irani

Teaching Aus

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Ketaki Kamat


After a thorough research on immigration consultants and their client history, I finalized Taurus Infotek to commence my AU Visa application . Manoj Sir (who has a proven track record ) was quick to advise me on the entire process . His team was very supportive throughout. Ms. Vasundhara and Ms. Pallavi need a special mention here. My whole-hearted thanks to Manoj Sir and his team for efficiently sailing me through the entire process. I recommend Taurus Infotek to visa aspirants. My best wishes to the team at Taurus.

Zafar Ahmed


Mr. Palwe has been very supportive to me through this PR journey of mine. His guidance always proved to me vital in each stage. Not only did he guide me how to arrange the documents, funds etc, but also many a times boosted the moral. I truly believe today where I and my family is, could not be without his base. Thus me, my wife, and my child are and will always be very thankful to him and his excellent team members. Furthermore, I will sincerely recommend his and only his guidance and supervision to immigration aspirants.

Mr. Sagar Sane

Finance Manager

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Jaee Pendse

Cafe or Restaurant Manager

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Ms. Mousami Apte


It was a pleasure to be associated with you and your team. I was impressed by the way you and your team took forward my case.Things went at so ease that I never realized it actually happened! Thank you team for the relentless effort you put in my case. Special thank to Manoj Sir for your unconditional support and guidance.

Swanand Kulkarni

Agricultural Consultant

Our Dream Came True Only Because of One Person "Mr. Manoj Palwe". I must say, Palwe sir has been a true mentor, adviser and supported us like a guardian throughout the process of immigration to Australia. The time when we first met him till getting actually migrated to Australia has been made very simple by Palwe Sir. His entire team coordinated for all aspects and encouraged us to take this step in the life to have a clean start. I will definitely recommend him for immigration related entire services

Harpreet Singh

Financial and investment analysts - Canada PR

A year back when I had approached Mr. Palwe regarding my Canadian Immigration thing, I was assured that I have handed my case to a professional Immigration Consultant. He made sure that the process moves smoothly. From IELTS preparation to every single documentation to getting my PR Visa, every single thing was handed professionally.The best part is that the team keeps you updated about the process rather than client chasing them every now and then. My experience with him has been very satisfactory and I managed to get my PR within 10 months from the date of application submission. I would like to thank Mr. Palwe and the complete team of Taurus Infotek for their sincere efforts in getting me the visa. His guidance and transparent approach with his clients makes him the best Immigration Consultant in the town. I would like to wish the team of Taurus Infotek all the best in their future endeavors and would also like to refer any future immigration aspirants to approach Mr. Palwe without a second thought.

Bhavdeep Jani

University Professors And Lecturers - Canada PR

Thank you Mr. Manoj Palwe for your professional and result oriented services. Your staff has always been supportive and helping.. I had heard about quality service of Taurus Infotek few years back, which I found excellent during my Immigration process. Because of continuous guidance and help, entire process starting from getting WES, scoring in IELTS, submitting application, doing medical, to getting visa stamp, has been so smooth. Definitely I would recommend your services to all immigration aspirants

Anshika Ramchandran

Child Visa

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Mr. Gulam Mulla

Accountant - Canada PR

Extremely thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for making my dream come true. It all started in the month of May 2014 when I approached him for his guidance for Canada Immigration. He has a thorough understanding of Canada Immigration Process and he chalked out entire plan for me. I followed the exact Plan in a time bound manner and after completing the entire process, it is indeed a great feat to receive the PR. Thank you Mr. Manoj Palwe and entire team at Taurus Infotek. The Taurus Infotek provides personalized solutions to your Immigration needs. They give you timely advice on every minute details. They are extremely trustworthy and expert in immigration cases. They keep follow up with you and guide you at every stage of your case. Mr. Manoj Palwe is a great professional. He personally monitors each and every case. With his knowledge and expertise, we can always be sure that we are on a right track in the constantly volatile immigration process. I will highly recommend him and Taurus Infotek for the Immigration process

Rivaan Vishal Kotakar

Child Visa - Australia

We had already processed our Australian PR through Manoj Palwe's Immigration Consultancy and had a smooth & seamless experience from start to receipt of the grant letter. Now again based on our previous experience we opted his consulting expertise for our 3 month old child visa and needless to mention that we again had the same great experience. The timelines mentioned under Australian High Commission Website stated the child migration visa would take approx. more than 8 - 9 months and since we wanted to have visa soon, we were little upset but considering the promptness of the services provided by Mr. Manoj Palwe and the coordinator allocated to me (Mrs. Pallavi - who had also coordinated during our PR process) the child migration process was completed in just couple of months. They have guided us appropriately & timely to achieve this yet another milestone of our life. I would not hesitate at all to recommend others about Taurus Infotek who are planning to migrate to australia. I would once again like to thanks Manoj Palwe & his team (specially Mrs. Pallavi) for their excellent guidance & support.

Miss. Tanvi Mahesh Piraji

Child Visa - Australia

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Roweena Shelar

Finance Manager - Canada PR

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Kasturi Deval

Human Resource Manager - Canada PR

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Ishaan Joshi

Child Visa

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Sneha Surve

Spouse Visa

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Mrs. Niharika Sharma

Early childhood Educators and Assistants

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Mrs. Miltali Menavlikar


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Ms. Ashwini Kale

Private Tutors and Teachers nec

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Mrugesh Bhagat


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Mr. Abhijeet Ingale

Canada PR

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Taurus Infotek and Mr.Manoj Palwe for the Canadian immigration process. I recently got my Canadian PR visa and I am very happy with the way my entire process was managed by the entire team and Mr. Palwe himself. Detailed information and personal assistance in each and every aspect, has been one of the many highlighting factors. I look forward to my bright future and their extended help in Canada.

Aadya Koorellain

Canada PR

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Mr. Santaji Patil

Civil Engineer (Canada PR)

Manoj Sir helped us a lot in this entire process to complete. Only the time of process has been extended due to our family additions, Also co-ordination from his staff was excellent - especially by Pallavi. Thanks to all.

Mr. Brijesh Mehta

Marketing Specialist

At last Visa Granted!!! After an years trouble of clearing 4 stages towards my Australia Visa ( State Sponsorship) where in Mr. Palwe was path for the success. He is a very straight forward, clean and an expert in the field of Immigration to Australia as per my experience. Mr. Palwe is an outstanding person when it comes to being disciplined and honest in his work which is what makes him different from others in the industry. Any prospective migrant of any age should render his services for a positive outcome. I wish him all the luck and success in future.

Mr. Sunil Gundapaneni

Australia Work Visa

I have got the Skilled Visa for Australia along with the dependent visa for my family through Dream Visas (Taurus Infotech). Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team helped my family to get the Visa in very short time. They prepared all the required documents for my visa and processed everything by themselves. I was staying at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh; I never fondled any gap in communication from them. They all are very responsive and supportive.

My brother also got the Australia PR through Taurus in 2004 and now I have got the visa through them again. We are very thankful to you and your team for helping us."

Mrs. Mamata Swamy

Training and development professional

Amazing Experience!!! I couldn't believe that Immigration consultants can be really so professional yet with personalized. Mr. Palwe and his team specially Ms. Pallavi not only guided us every moment but also kept on motivating me and my husband for Australian Immigration. We are really glad that we chose them as they are not only who knows about immigration but they also know how to manage people's emotions attached with going abroad..... Well Done!!! I would definitely recommend them to everyone who want to fulfill their dreams of going abroad.

Mrs. Jalpa Thakkar

Human Resource Advisor

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Mr. Jatendrai Raina

Sales Representative

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Mrs. Glory Benze

Primary School Teacher

I have visited many consulting agents but Mr. Manoj Palwe is unique. Has expertise knowledge in the migration to Australia and Canada and other countries . His Consultency is " " I migrated to Australia with his efforts i am very much grateful to him as well as his best team. Again iam going to take his services for my inlaw's Visa to Australia. I Can say he is simply great i salute him.

Mr. Aliasgar Kagdi


We have found Mr. Palwe very helpful throughout our process of immigration. He and his entire team is always ready to help and resolve our queries. Mr. Palwe has a detailed knowledge of the entire operations, his guidance has helped us to obtain good results. He always provides the correct info and is highly trustworthy. He is more focused on customer satisfactions that are real and not false promises that would mislead us.We would recommend him for all the people out there reading this message is "Taurus Infotek" is the place if you are looking to migrate outside India.We thank you Mr. Palwe and his entire team at Taurus Infotek and wish them all the success in their future endeavor.

Regards, Aliasgar and Farida Kagdi

Mr. Saurabh Mishra

Technical Sales Representatives

I am very happy with the kind of speedy process he has done for my visa. People here are absolutely crystal clear about the process and my compatibility and probability to get one. I strongly recommend his services for Australian visa.

Mrs. Devahuti Kulkarni


I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team for getting my Australian PR visa in such a short time. I received my Visa in dot 3 Months. Excellent communication and transparency are his main attributes. I have and would continue to recommend Mr. Manoj Palwe and Taurus Infotech for anyone planning to shift to Australia.

Mr. Dattatray Ahile

Vehicle Painter

I am thankful to Mr.Manoj Palwe sir for their guidance and proper help in getting me PR visa of Australia. Mr. Palwe sir is having detailed understanding regarding Australia immigration process, i would like to encourage all who wish to go Australia to consult with Palwe sir and take their expert guidance

Mr. Nelson Abraham

Human Resource Adviser

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.Details of the Recommendation: "Manoj and his team has provided me with an on time and through service for my Immigration needs that i required. After i first approached him he set out a realistic timeline which he met along with some very sound advice regarding what options should i choose . Even though i was working abroad he managed to overcome the challenges of me not being in the city through effective communication. It goes without saying that he has extensive knowledge in this field and a very professional setup i would recommend all to use his services."